Working on holidays


Since the day joining my current company i have experienced only few holidays. Mostly on public holidays its a duty for us. earlier when i used to leave home I felt like i am doing something wrong leaving from home, like some culprit. That felt bad to me. My friends, cuzions, and family was in home and every one looked to me in a strange way. Even the neighbors got suspicions that some thing is fishy.

But anyway i manage to make my way out and hit the road. My thinking is that story has ended but belive you me, it just starts when you see families with their kids, dressed in the best clothing, going for outing or to meet their loved ones. Ahh!!! that site … Your troubled heart automatically wishes to turn some where other than office, but poor me, what other way i know except my office route.

So having no other choice but to move forward, journey continues. Now the other challenge is to hide from the office buildings that are closed for working, but if they see you on road they couldnt stop laughing. The mocking builidings i usually reffer to them. Maybe its fair what they do to me,as i usually mock them while going home watching the lights still on, i laugh and say “you still working?”

Now the things are like I have started to find fun in work. or its just what i tell myself.

Useful websites for Students

  1. World Wide Web Consortium:
  2. How Stuff Works:
  3. Stanford University:
  4. MyLife:
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
  6. Copyscape:
  7. U. S. Department of Education:
  8. Classmates:
  9. College Board:
  10. Think  Quest:
  11. ClassesUSA:
  12. PaGaLGuY:
  13. Rate My Professors:
  14. Chronicle of Higher Education:
  15. College Confidential:
  16. Apples4theteacher:
  17. Yahoo! Education:
  18. Open Course Ware:
  19. Dave’s ESL Cafe:
  20. Education-Portal:

Movies I will be watching in 2013

1- Gangster Squad


2- A Good Day To Die Hard

No comments just waiting for this movie 


3- Iron Man 3

I was not very impressed with the iron man 2 but still looking forward for the best among 3 parts.


4- The Great Gatsby



5- The Hangover III

come on 🙂 



6- This is the End

I am most curious about this film, hope its funny.



7- Man of Steel

For me the fun part is that Dark Knight Trilogy director Christopher Nolan helped write the script.  So some thing be fun for sure.